Login Me Now WordPress Plugin and Chrome Extension Upcoming Features. Let me know if you have any feature requests in mind.

WordPress Plugin

Magic Link

I am planning to implement the magic link, On the login page there will be another option for getting a magic link to log in instead of a username and password.

Access Log

If someone logs in to the website through the plugin, I think a log would be good to track any suspicious activity.

Token Block

This will help to block any token created by someone and if you think it’s specious then you can block the token from the dashboard.

Shareable Link

If someone wants to share his/her account access with someone for a while, this link would e very helpful to share the account access without a password.

Chrome Extension

Auto Add To The List

If someone’s website using the “Login Me Now” WordPress plugin and you visit the site or enter the user and password. you will have a popup to ask to save the user and password to the list

List Import and Export

If thinking to use access to the same websites to another chrome or you want to take a backup, this will be you to do that.