Handpicked Tools for WordPress Developers

While working on a WordPress theme or plugin we often have to run many trials & errors. Here are some tools I have found that should be able to help you with your WordPress development workflow.

#1. Debug Bar

As a WordPress developer or Tester, you must have to have active it in the dashboard. It shows query, cache, and other helpful debugging information. Nothing to say more, Check and thank me later.

#2. Query Monitor

If you are a developer and concerned about query optimization, then this would be a great helper for you. It enables debugging of database queries, PHP errors, hooks and actions, block editor blocks, enqueued scripts and stylesheets, HTTP API calls, and so on.

#3. Temporary File Manager

Think, you have to send an email from post-submission data and its files as attachments, but you can’t send an attachment directly through PHP $_POST, so you have to store that first, but there is a problem, what? After sending the email who will clean it for you?

Wait, no worries, Here you go the Temporary File Manager which is going to help you to store and clean files when your job is done. And you can sanitize and validate too. Also, you can retrieve file URLs.

#4. Email Logs

Let’s say you are using contact form 7, any plugins or custom code, that used the mail function but not receiving the expected emails to the inbox.

So Email Logs will help you to easily log and view all emails that were sent from WordPress. This would be very useful for debugging email-related problems in your WordPress site or for storing sent emails for auditing purposes

#5. Another Show hooks

A continuous visual representation of WordPress actions and filter hooks. It’s a developer tool, so if you’re a developer, it could be a life-saving plugin.

#6. Rest API Logs

While you working on a REST API project, you may be sometimes struggling with requests and responses. To verify a request was sent to the server and the client received the response properly, you can use this. It will allow checking the WordPress admin page to view and search log entries.

#7. WordPress Settings for VSCode

You may have heard about the WordPress PHP standard, but setting up VSCode to adhere to it can be challenging. While it’s not optimized, it can take a significant amount of time to configure it to meet the WordPress standard. It took me over a year to get it right, and I’m still working on improving it.

#8. Bubbl.us

Bubbl.us makes it easy to visually organize your ideas in ways that are meaningful to you and others. This editor is designed to help you stay focused and capture your thoughts quickly. I use it for my technical design regularly and it’s reduced my stress about overthinking.

#9. WP Activity Log

Keep an activity log of everything that happens on your sites, even if any admin updates the theme files from the theme editor. and easily spot users’ suspicious behavior before there are security problems.

#10. User Switching

It’s time to work smartly, this plugin going to help you to switch one user to another user without login in instantly, and you can play like the switched user. It’s really handy for testing environments, for helping customers on WooCommerce sites, or for any site where administrators need to switch between multiple accounts.

#11. WP Reset

If you need to quickly reset your site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files, there’s a plugin that can help you do that. By using this plugin, you can speed up your testing and debugging process by providing a quick way to reset the settings.

The plugin is designed to simplify the process of resetting your WordPress site’s database. This can be useful if you are testing themes, plugins, or custom code and need to quickly reset your site to its default values.

Overall, this plugin is a great tool for anyone looking to streamline their testing and debugging process for their WordPress site.

Please read their docs carefully before proceeding to understand what this plugin does, and remember you must back up first.

#12. Download Plugins and Themes

If you want to create a backup of any plugins or themes for future installation, there’s a plugin that can help you do that directly from your WordPress dashboard without using FTP. The plugin doesn’t require any settings, making it simple and easy to use.

By using this plugin, you can easily download your themes or plugins for backup purposes or to move them to another site. This eliminates the need for FTP and streamlines the backup process.

Overall, this plugin is a great tool for anyone looking to simplify the backup process for their WordPress site.

#13. Login Me Now

If you are a developer, marketer, site administrator, or agency, you should consider installing Login Me Now on your WordPress site. This comprehensive login manager plugin offers a simple and secure passwordless 1-click login URL, as well as a feature-packed, self-expiring, automatic login link, making it easier and safer to grant temporary access to your website.

With Login Me Now, you don’t have to remember all your usernames and passwords for different websites’ dashboards. You can store all your login credentials securely in one place and use the Login Me Now Chrome extension. This can save you time, especially if you frequently access multiple websites’ dashboards throughout the day.

Overall, Login Me Now is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to enhance the security and convenience of their WordPress website login process.

#14. Health Check & Troubleshooting

The WordPress support team uses this plugin to troubleshoot common website problems and provide debug information to identify issues with site setups. If you want to make troubleshooting easier, consider installing the Health Check plugin and checking out the Troubleshooting section in the WordPress handbook.

Using this plugin can help you identify and resolve any issues with your website quickly and efficiently. So, give it a try, and thank me later!

#15. All-in-One WP Migration

I have tried so many backup and migration plugins, but can’t find better than this. I have been using this plugin since 2019. It helps me to take backups of the uploads, plugins, themes, and databases in one compressed file. and I simply import/restore to the destination site and the site show as it was. If you heard about this plugin first use it and thank me later.

Note: While you restored the site, you can’t use your current site credential, everything will be replaced with the backed one.

I hope it was useful & if you found any other valuable tools for WordPress developers please share them in the comment box.

Will add more tools in the upcoming days.

Last updated: Jun 25, 2023


5 responses to “Handpicked Tools for WordPress Developers”

  1. Abu Hurayra Avatar

    Thanks for the great list.
    You can also add wp-crontrol to the list. I find it very useful.

    1. Md Mehedi Hasan Avatar

      My pleasure,

      Thanks Abu Hurayra, Yes, I am planning to add the ‘WP Crontrol’ to the list.

  2. Niaj Morshed Avatar

    I didn’t know the plugin “User Switching” and thanks for sharing this list.

    I also use “WPIDE” that is very handy to edit codes from WordPress dashboard.

    1. Md Mehedi Hasan Avatar

      Thanks Niaj,
      Sure I will explore the WPIDE and add it to the list.

  3. AR PARVEZ Avatar

    Amazing resources man!

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