Directorist API Integration – Add Listings from Remote Sites

We know that Directorist is a full-fledged directory-building WordPress plugin. However, this will not provide random API integrations, because all endpoint structures are different. 

Today I will demonstrate how can you populate and sync your existing listings which are hosted on other websites. Also, I will guide you to write all the custom codes in a custom plugin without touching the Directorist plugin. 

Let’s build the custom WordPress plugin for your directory website.

What do you need to start?

As you know, we will work with API and write codes to develop this. So you need to have the following points to get started:

  1. PHP Skill
  2. CRON / Background Jobs Knowledge
  3. Familiarity WordPress Hooks
  4. Postman Usages
  5. Composer Skill

1. Create a plugin

Create a plugin with the necessary files and folder structure you need. You can use a boilerplate to get started. You can use this tool to create your first plugin:



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