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  • Directorist API Integration – Add Listings from Remote Sites

    We know that Directorist is a full-fledged directory-building WordPress plugin. However, this will not provide random API integrations, because all endpoint structures are different.  Today I will demonstrate how can you populate and sync your existing listings which are hosted on other websites. Also, I will guide you to write all the custom codes in…

  • Advantages of Splitting Code into Utility

    Splitting code into utility functions or utility modules is a common practice in software development for several reasons. It is a way to organize and structure code to improve readability, maintainability, and reusability. Here are some of the main reasons why developers split code into utilities: In summary, splitting code into utility functions promotes code…

  • How to Build an API-Based Chrome Extension

    To simplify our work and save time, we use countless browser extensions. There are thousands of browser extensions in the marketplace. Sometimes we didn’t find the extension that we are looking for. Did tried to make any browser extensions ever? If so, Did you work with API? It’s quite tricky to make an API project…

  • WordPress Full Site Editing Resources

    WordPress full site editing: Global Styles & theme.json: Filters for theme.json data:

  • Taking Control of Your Digital Life

    In today’s world, digital distractions are everywhere, and they can significantly impact our productivity and mental health. Here are some effective tips to help you reduce digital distractions and enhance your focus. Plus, learn about the benefits of regular workouts, prayer, and reading books from other industries for increasing productivity and reducing stress.

  • WordPress Cache Issues and Fix

    In this post, I share my real-life experiences with caching issues in WordPress and how to solve them. Caching can speed up your website, but it can also cause unexpected output when making changes. I’ll show you how to use caching smoothly and purge caches instantly without hassle. I also provide tips on where to…

  • Handpicked Tools for WordPress Developers

    While working on a WordPress theme or plugin we often have to run many trials & errors. Here are some tools I have found that should be able to help you with your WordPress development workflow.